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Corporate Law

Record M&A Activity in Global Electric and Gas Industry Expected to Continue

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Robert W. McGee
Timeliness of Financial Reporting in the Energy Sector

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Environmental Law

K.V. Mukasheva
Draft Environmental Code: Review of the Norms Governing Environmental Protection during Subsoil Use Operations

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V.M. Kim
Concerning Some Issues Regarding the Administrative and Civil Law Liability of Subsoil Users for Violations of Legislation on Environmental Protection and Ecology

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Labor Contracts

A.B. Shaykenov
Secondment Arrangements in Kazakhstan – How Do They Work?

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N.T. Sukhanova
Concerning the Practice of Application by Kazakh Courts of Some Labor Legislation Provisions

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CIS Legal Updates


Energy Charter Treaty. Putin Attempts to Ease EU Concerns over Energy

Petro-Canada and Gazprom Sign Pact for Baltic LNG Plant

Development of State Cadastral Appraisal

Amendments to the Land Code

Amendments to the Law on Subsoil



Use of State Geological Data

Proposed Amendments to the Limited Liability Company Law Would Eliminate Right of Withdrawal

Factoring Licenses May Be Abolished

The Russian Depositary Receipt – Russia May Permit Distribution of Foreign Securities

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New Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Private Business

Amendments to the Rules on Determination of Quotas, Terms and Procedure for Issuing Permits to Employers for Attraction of Foreign Employees to the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Major Revamp of Securities Law

Foreign Employee Requirements Clarified

Ukraine Enacts a New Law on Holding Companies

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Book Review

Regulating Utilities and Promoting Competition. Lessons for the Future
Edited by Colin Robinson

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Oil-Gas-Energy Law Intelligence service
Table of Contents (Volume 3, issue #04, published December 2005)

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Victor Nesterenko, Editor-in-Chief


Victor Nesterenko, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Colleagues,

Let me express my gratitude for your interest towards our edition and your valuable support.

A lot of things happening in the energy sector have at first sight no relation to law whatsoever. A closer look at any of our editions, however, gives an insight into many trends and developments both in the energy industry and in the economy in general.

Oil and gas prices, search for new energy sources, global energy security all these have recently become the focus of the energy agenda.

The M&A research published in this issue proves businesss interest in energy and vividly demonstrates movement to new gas and electricity markets.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is certainly one of the most active and dynamic countries in the former Soviet space.

Of late, Kazakhstan has been witnessing state power consolidation in economy as well as in society. A number of regulations have been adopted in regard to participation of state companies as shareholders in the largest and most successful national oil and gas projects.

Development of the draft Ecological Code is also in line with the spirit of the time. The draft aims at harmonizing Kazakhstans environmental legislation with international agreements, at implementing new standards, and improving the state control system. Professionals of large international law firms have a natural part in the discussion of the draft. They have a lot to say and to share on the pages of our magazine.

Accelerated rates of prospecting and production project development in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea have boosted the demand for qualified foreign specialists to implement such projects. Oil prospecting and production companies, oil service companies, and recruiting agencies are working to satisfy this need.

It is no secret that companies wishing to invite foreign specialists face problems with Kazakh tax and labor laws. Many of them are currently studying the advantages and shortcomings of different methods used to employ foreign personnel. This is another problem matter covered in this issue.

We hope you will find the themes we highlight in our magazine useful for your operations.















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