Russian/CIS Energy & Mining Law Journal

is published in English as an analogue of  Neft, Gaz i Pravo (Oil, Gas and Law), a well-known Russian journal of the most current legal and commercial information. Russian/CIS Energy and Mining Law Journal publishes translations of selected articles from Oil, Gas and Law for international readers who have an interest in the legal and commercial problems of the Russian Energy and Mining Sector.

Oil, Gas and Law is the only journal of legal and commercial information, which publish materials dealing with current issues of the legal regulation of organization and functioning of the Russian and foreign countries Energy and Mining Sectors. Executives and managers of leading state and commercial organizations in all oil regions of Russia and former Soviet Union republics have subscribed to the journal since 1995. The journal is distributed by subscription at parliament hearings in the State Duma and Federation Council of the Russian Federation and at main exhibitions and conferences of the oil and gas industry. Among the more than 130 authors of the journal we have attorneys, heads of legal departments, Members of the State Duma, representatives of academia and advisers to the relevant ministries and departments.

The topics covered in the journal during the years of its existence are include:

production sharing agreements and concessions;

state regulation and licensing of mineral resources use;

issues of oil transit and export, construction and operation of the entire pipeline transportation network;

tax aspects of the activities of enterprises;

peculiarities of projects financing in the energy and mining sector;

peculiarities of regulation and turnover of mining real assets;

legal aspects of required procedures for bidding rounds, auctions and tenders;

peculiarities of regulation of labor relations in oil and gas companies;

problems of coordinating the federal and regional legislation on the mineral resource use;

legal regime of information and information resources;

liability for ecological violations of the law and crimes;

regulation of the use of oil (accompanying) gas;

legal regime of foreign investment in Russia;

antimonopoly legislation and natural monopolies;

peculiarities of the customs regulation in the energy and mining sector;

issues regarding court and arbitration court practices affecting the energy and mining sector in Russia.


Editorial Board

Victor Borodin, Tax Partner, Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V. (Moscow)

Nikolai Isaakov, Chief of Legal Department, LUKoil Overseas Service Ltd. (Moscow)

Dr.Andrei Konoplianik, Deputy Secretary General, the Energy Charter Secretariat (Brussels)

Ivan Masliaev, Head of the Main Division of Legal Support, LUKoil (Moscow)

Patrick B. Seferovich, Senior Counsel, Chadbourne & Parke LLP (Moscow)

Alexander Kursky, Full Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences, Adviser to RF State Duma (Moscow)

Victor Nesterenko, Editor-in-chief RusEnergyLaw Journal, Head of the Russian/CIS Energy & Mining Law Center (Moscow)

Thomas W. Wälde, Professor, Jean-Monnet Chair, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy University of Dundee

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