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Oil & Gas News

Mining Sector Delivers Spectacular Results for 2005

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D. Hunold
A 48 MW thermo oil plant for the oil production in China (CNOOC)

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Energy Law

Doran Doeh, Sophie Nappert and Alexander Popov
Russia and the Energy Charter Treaty: Common Interests or Irreconcilable Differences?

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Andrei Konoplyanik
Russia-EU, G-8, ECT and Transit Protocol

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Oil and Gas Tax Guide

Victor Borodin and Alexander Smirnov
Oil & Gas Tax Guide to Russia

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Discussion Board

Tatiana Samokhina
Commencement of Black Gold Futures in Russia

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Aequitas law firm
On Amendments to Antimonopoly Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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CIS Legal Updates


Moncrief Mobilizes for BASF Lawsuit

Russia, Europe Draw Battle Lines in Their Dispute over Energy

Kremlin Ponders Meaning of East European Summit

Kazakhstan, Russia to Expand Capacity of Russian Gas Refinery

Model Concession Agreement

New Water Code

Special Economic Zones

Differentiated Mining Tax for East Siberian Oil Fields to Take Effect in 2007 – Deputy Minister

Currency Restrictions Lifted Ahead of Schedule

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Kazakh oil pours into China through pipeline

Cheney’s Visit Leaves Astana Facing New Dilemma in Multi-Vector Policy

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Oil-Gas-Energy Law Intelligence service
Table of Contents – Volume 4, issue #02, published August 2006

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Diana Fatkullina, Deputy Editor-in-Chief


Diana Fatkullina, Deputy

Dear Colleagues,

The current issue of "Russian / CIS Energy & Mining Law Journal" presents an overview of legal issues arising in the oil the & gas sector. In this issue Pricewater- houseCoopers announces mining sector results for 2005. The mining sector has delivered another spectacular increase in profits during 2005 on the back of a further strengthening in commodity prices. This is one of the key trends highlighted in ‘mine let the good times roll’, the third annual review of the global mining industry by Pricewaterhouse- Coopers. Russia is considered to be a great investment field for those looking for world class mines and appears ready to overcome certain challenges.

Doran Doeh, Sophie Nappert and Alexander Popov of Denton Wilde Sapte discuss Russia’s policy towards the Energy Charter Treaty. The G8 talks were expected to be "very difficult, very tense, full of contradictions". Although the tone in St Petersburg was amicable, the talks confirmed the radically different views of "energy security" taken by Russia on the one hand and the EU on the other.

Andrei Konoplyanik, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Energy Charter Secretariat, talks about Russia’s formulation of the ‘negotiating package’ on possible ECT ratification. Both objections – related to Russia-EU trade in nuclear materials and to Supplementary Treaty – could be treated as a part of the negotiating package, being composed by Russia for the ECT ratification debate with the EU, rather than the faults of the ECT per se.

Victor Borodin and Alexander Smirnov of Ernst & Young analyze tax trends in the oil & gas industry in the year 2005. Taking all circumstances into account, 2005 was on the whole a very positive year for the industry, and many analysts believe that the trends established in that year will continue to develop with time. The authors come to a conclusion that the development of the industry in the current year will be to a large extent shaped by the state of the oil and gas sector in 2005.

Tatyana Samokhina comments on the trading of oil futures on the Russian market. There is still much progress to be made. Oil is still not being traded on the commodities market in Russia, but, according to the Minister of Trade and Economic Development, will start in 2007.

Aequitas law firm describes the amendments to antimonopoly legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, aimed on the whole, on the elaboration of the legislative rules in this sphere and improvement of their legal technique. In more detail the Law spells out the procedure for the coordination of transactions of market entities with the antimonopoly agency, performance of audits on matters of compliance with the antimonopoly legislation.

We hope that you find the articles published in this issue helpful and interesting. We thank you for your attention to our Journal, and we will continue to do our best to provide you with the latest information on developments in oil & gas law.


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